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Elementary Recess

Students in grades K-4 participate in recess on a daily basis at school.  If parents or guardians have any questions regarding recess at their child's school, please contact the building principal


  • Approximately 20 minutes of time for recess consisting, ideally, of an uninterrupted block.
    Note: There may be expectations such as field trips, field days, PE showcase, assemblies, and/or other special events when recess time will need to be adjusted or resumed on another day. 
  • Could take place indoor or outside (outside preferred).
    • Discretion is allowed for consideration of safety and access issues (e.g. adverse conditions) when considering location and occurrence of recess.
  • Ensured, daily protected time where a student is able to choose from among a variety of options.
    • Unstructured time - minimal use of personal devices and individual student screen time.
  • Not to be used as a punishment - either for an individual or the group.  Recess is not "earned" or lost.
    • This does not preclude intervention for misconduct while participating in recess or when a student is a danger to self or others.